With so many houses available for sales in this market, it is very hard to make your home stand out so that it sells faster. Here are some tips that can help you.


You should first consider your target market when selling your house. You should tailor your house to make it appealing to the group of buyers you were interested in. Timing is very important. Spring (February or March) and Autumn (September) are the prime times to sell your property.

De-Clutter and freshen up

You should get rid of unnecessary stuff from your home. You can put a fresh coat of neutral paint, new tiling, new door, etc. to give your home a fresh look. You can replace broken light bulbs and fix other visible flaws in your house.

 Clean Up

Your house must be spotless before a buyer comes to visit it. So, you should hire a professional cleaner to clean your entire house. You should clean your carpets, sofa covers, windows, etc. You should focus more on bathrooms and kitchen. Your garden also needs a thorough clean up.

Valuation and selling prices

There are many factors to consider when valuing your property. You should get at least three valuations from different agencies. Property Report is a tool used by many people to establish the right price for your property. You should take this report and agree on a realistic price for your home.

You should inform your neighbours and the people you know that you are about to sell your home. Word of mouth can work well. Someone may be waiting just to buy a home similar to yours. So, you can sell your home faster.

4 tips for selling your home in this competitive market